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When you have a lot to sell, finding an apt buyer seems difficult! But gintaa has been a lifesaver. Clicked, listed and I got immediate response. With no hidden charges and 0% commission, I enjoy my own profits. Highly recommended!

gintaa is convenient for me to sell books. You can simply list, offer or sell! I'm already done with 50+ listings. And the best part is that I can list & sell books at 0% commission which means I don't have to share my profits. That's why I can sell the textbooks and other study materials at an unbelievably cheaper price compared to other selling platforms. Many students can buy books online on gintaa at much lower prices. And that's great. Thanks gintaa!

Had few products in excess and was looking to sell them, and I got to know about gintaa through Google search. So easy to register with gintaa!! Like instant listing, instant matches. WOW!! The best part is that they don’t even charge anything for the listing. Great experience, gintaa!

Advisory Board Members

Suman Sengupta
B.Tech., M.Tech., IIT, Kharagpur

Being a techie turned into a consultant and having years of experience in leading the Software Engineering Department of a renowned technical firm, he strengthens gintaa’s tech base.

Souvik Roy
Associate Professor, Indian Statistical Institute

With sheer interests and vast knowledge in the domain like Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Probability Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory, and more, he is like the knowledge powerhouse for gintaa’s evolution. 

Inspirational Committee Members

Jayanta Chaudhuri
PhD Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Immunology

Being an integral part of the critical domain like Molecular and Cellular Immunology for years, his presence is like a charm behind our immense passion and dedication towards our work to make gintaa a grand success. 

Sunanda Banerjee
HOD, High Energy Nuclear & Particle Physics, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

A veteran like him needs no special introduction! With his unparalleled contribution in the field of Nuclear Physics, he earned all the respect he gets. We are grateful to have him onboard as our one of the Inspirational Members.